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Amusement and gaming machines

Development, production and sales of gaming machines make up the core competence of the Gauselmann Group. Since the development of the first proprietary slot machine, the Merkur B, in 1977, the company has produced over two million machines and developed more than 300 own patents.

Over the past 60 years, the Gauselmann Group has evolved from a former manufacturer of classic electro-mechanical reel-based machines to a supplier of highly developed multigamers, which can contain over 200 exciting games. The company’s business success is based on several factors: many years of market experience, a keen sense of the vending machine industry and the early recognition of gaming trends and technological innovations that are continuously incorporated into the development process. Thus the Gauselmann Group succeeds again and again in establishing innovative and successful products on a national and international level.

The development and production focus is in Lübbecke in Eastern Westphalia. Here, at the production site of adp Gauselmann GmbH, all Gauselmann multigamers for Germany and abroad as well as the sports betting machines of the Gauselmann sports betting brands Cashpoint, XTiP, Betcenter and Totolotek are manufactured. The games are developed worldwide – from Australia to Europe – in 24 development sites.