FACE-CHECK ensures innovative protection of players and minors

Innovative player and youth protection with PLAY SAFE

Privacy-preserving, effective consumer protection in arcades, casinos, sports betting shops and in the gastronomy sector is a concern for business, politics and society alike. The Gauselmann Group already responded to this need in 2016 with the development and introduction of the intelligent admission control system PLAY SAFE, at the time marketed as FACE-CHECK. Since then, the system has undergone continuous development, so that today the company offers four different PLAY SAFE versions – and thus the right youth and player protection solution for every venue where gaming machines are installed.

Consumer protection in gaming arcades, casinos and sports betting shops

With the help of a camera, PLAY SAFE records the facial patterns of all visitors to arcades, casinos and sports betting shops directly when they enter and compares these in a matter of seconds with a local blacklist database in which guests barred from playing are stored. At the same time, an age check is carried out. Barred or potentially underage players are reliably filtered out and can be addressed directly by the service staff or manually checked again if necessary. The facial patterns of persons who are not barred are deleted immediately after running the check. A traffic light system indicates to the guests whether they are allowed to enter (green), have to be checked again manually (orange) or are barred from entering (red). The PLAY SAFE admission control system for arcades, casinos and sports betting shops is available in two versions: PLAY SAFE Standard is a counter solution suitable for smaller venues with just one entrance. With the premium version of PLAY SAFE, several entrances can be monitored and gates can also be connected.

Youth protection solutions for the gastronomy sector

The Gauselmann Group has two further PLAY SAFE variants in its product portfolio for the protection of minors in the gastronomy sector. The document-based solution PLAY SAFE Basic and the new PLAY SAFE Compact, which combines the Basic version with the PLAY SAFE youth protection module. Up to three gaming machines can be connected to PLAY SAFE Basic. To unlock the devices for play, all guests have to do is swipe a form of identification, such as their ID card, through the integrated card reader. If the player is of age, the selected machine is activated wirelessly via radio. Minors are denied access to the device. PLAY SAFE Compact also works with the PLAY SAFE youth protection module: a camera records the player’s facial patterns and provides an age estimate based on this. Players classified as being of age can play the selected machine without further controls. Players who fall into the age group up to around 25 years, on the other hand, are asked to verify their age by presenting a means of identification. All recorded data are deleted immediately after the check.

The advantages at a glance

  • Easy and barrier-free admission without waiting times
  • Privacy-preserving procedure without disclosure of personal data
  • Personal data and blacklist data are kept separate

Advantages for operators:

  • Simpler and speedier admission control
  • Protection of players and minors is ensured
  • Identification of barred players
  • Players suspected of being underage (U25) can be addressed directly

Advantages for authorities:

  • Monitoring of all players without exception
  • Continuous logging of system messages (by analogy with tachograph in trucks)
  • Efficient control of arcades, casinos and sports betting shops