FACE-CHECK ensures innovative protection of players and minors

PLAY SAFE enables the Gauselmann Group to provide privacy-preserving, effective consumer protection in arcades, casinos, sports betting shops and in the gastronomy sector. The admission control system was introduced in 2016 and has been consistently developed in the intervening period.

Consumer protection in arcades, casinos and sports betting shops
PLAY SAFE uses a camera to record the biometric facial features of the guests when they are entering the premises and compares these with a local blacklist database. Access is denied to guests who have been barred. The guest’s age is also estimated at the same time. Guests who have been barred or who are suspected of being underage can be reliably filtered out and, if necessary, they can be addressed by service staff to have their credentials checked again manually. The facial patterns of people who are not barred are deleted again immediately by the system once the check has been carried out.

A traffic light system indicates to guests whether they may enter (green), must be checked again manually (amber) or are not permitted to enter (red).

Youth protection solutions for the gastronomy sector
The Gauselmann Group provides two variants of PLAY SAFE for youth protection in the gastronomy sector.

PLAY SAFE Basic is installed between the slot machines. To activate these for playing, the guests must slide a piece of ID, e.g. a personal ID card, through the integrated card reader. If the guest is authorised to play, the selected machine is activated. Access is refused to minors.

PLAY SAFE Compact works in conjunction with the PLAY SAFE youth protection module: a camera records the facial patterns of the guest and provides an estimated age. If the guest is classified as an adult, he/she may play. If the guest appears to be underage, he/she will be requested to verify his/her age. Access is refused to minors.

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