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German Coin-Op Museum - Gauselmann Collection

‘Those who want to read the future, must browse through the past’. André Malraux

This quote illustrates the vision and motivation of the Gauselmann entrepreneurial family, who in founding the German Coin-Op Museum wanted to reveal and represent cultural historical contexts in the gaming machine industry.

The private collection, which dates back to 1985, includes more than 1,800 rarities from all over the world. The often unique exhibits allow both a professionally informed exploration of the historical roots of the diverse social definitions of gaming, while also showcasing the remarkable ingenuity of hobby tinkerers and innovative engineering and design concepts of centuries gone by.

Since the autumn of 2013, the German Coin-Op Museum has been located at Schloss Benkhausen where, acting as a kind of ambassador of the gaming machine industry, it offers insights into an important chapter of national and international industrial and economic culture.

The German Coin-Op Museum opened its doors to the public at Schloss Benkhausen in late 2013. Since then, the former Gauselmann Collection has been an autonomous operating museum that as an official cultural institution fully lives up to its claim to illustrate sociocultural contexts and scientifically analyse social trends and technical innovations.

Divided into seven sections, the German Coin-Op Museum focuses on the international development of coin-operated gaming machines, which as representatives of individual industrial epochs reflect the history of society and everyday life.

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