Promoter of sports

The promotion of sports is a real labour of love for the Gauselmann entrepreneurial family. Whether local or professional sport: numerous associations and initiatives have in some cases for decades enjoyed ‘the games makers’ continuous support.

Promotion of local amateur and professional sports

Particular attention is given to local amateur sportsmen and women. In the Lübbecke region, the commitment to handball, tennis and football teams is equally as strong as that for horse riding and driving clubs, disabled sports communities and shooting associations. With its financial subsidies the Group often helps to turn sports projects into a reality, to host tournaments and to purchase training equipment.

Local professional sports also receive continued financial support. The Gauselmann Group is main sponsor of the TuS N-Lübbecke national league handball team as well as the TV Espelkamp-Mittwald regional tennis club, whose 1st Men’s 30 team have played in the national division for over ten years, and the district league football club FC Preußen Espelkamp.

Commitment knows no limits.

Examples of the sporting commitment of the entrepreneurial family can also be found beyond the borders of its local region, for example ‘the games makers’ have for years supported tennis professionals Tommy Haas and Sabine Ellerbrock.

Promotion and support for more than 30 years

For more than 30 years, the in-house company sports association (BSG) Merkur Gauselmann e.V. has been morally and financially supported by the Group of companies. With approximately 1,000 members the BSG is the largest company sports association in the Minden-Lübbecke district and also one of the largest company sports associations in North Rhine-Westphalia.