Paul and Karin Gauselmann Foundation

The Gauselmann Foundation founded in 1999 was renamed the Paul and Karin Gauselmann Foundation in 2015. The purpose of the Foundation, a non-profit organisation that promotes training and education, support for the young and the elderly, public health as well as religious communities under public law in the former district Lübbecke remained unchanged.

On the occasion of Karin Gauselmann’s 80th birthday, the endowment capital of the Foundation was doubled to ten million euros and the Foundation was renamed the “Paul and Karin Gauselmann Foundation”. Karin Gauselmann in her role as Chairwoman is supported by Armin Gauselmann, Manfred Langhorst (CEO of the Community Foundation Espelkamp) and Christel Senckel (Deputy Mayor of Espelkamp) who are part of the Foundation's Board of Trustees. Together with the two members of the Foundation Board, Hans Hellwig and Herbert Schlottmann, the Board of Trustees regularly takes decisions on applications for funding based on the Foundation’s objectives.

Requests made to the Paul and Karin Gauselmann Foundation should be addressed to: Kuratorium der Paul und Karin Gauselmann Stiftung
(Board of Trustees of the Paul and Karin Gauselmann Foundation)
Merkur Allee 1-15, 32339 Espelkamp, Germany
Tel.: +49 5772 / 49-0
Email: info@gauselmann.de