The Gauselmann Family Foundation

At the beginning of 2016, the Gauselmann entrepreneurial family paved the way for the group’s long-term and stable future as an employer and driving force for the economy through the creation of the Gauselmann Family Foundation. As sole shareholder of the Gauselmann Group, the Gauselmann Family Foundation will in future take the key strategic decisions needed to assure the group’s ongoing commercial success and determine its strategic orientation.

Transferring the shares of the current shareholders of the Gauselmann Group into the Family Foundation precludes the risk of the company becoming fragmented if one owner were to sell his or her shares at any future point in time and ensures the company will continue to be run in its present form. The creation of the foundation also protects the company against unforeseeable financial burdens that could be triggered by the sudden death of shareholders.

In addition to the companies within the Gauselmann Group and their employees, this sustainable Family Foundation will also benefit a variety of cultural and social projects in and around the Altkreis Lübbecke district.

Foundation Advisory Board and Foundation Board of Directors

The Foundation’s Advisory Board and the Foundation’s Board of Directors are made up predominantly of family members so as to demonstrate an unequivocal and enduring commitment on the part of the Gauselmann family to the company and the region. The Foundation’s Advisory Board not only comprises members of the founding generation and their direct successors, but also members of their grandchildren’s generation. The Family Foundation is managed by the three-person Foundation Board, whose Chairman is Paul Gauselmann, with his son Armin Gauselmann as Deputy Chairman. The third member of the Board is Manfred Stoffers.

Foundation Advisory Board

Foundation Advisory Board

(from l. to r.) Sonja Gauselmann, Armin Gauselmann, Karin Gauselmann, Karsten Gauselmann, Paul Gauselmann, Michael Gauselmann and Janika Gauselmann

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Foundation Board of Directors

Foundation Board of Directors

(from l. to r.) Armin Gauselmann, Paul Gauselmann and Manfred Stoffers

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